OPTISPLINT® Single-Arch Kit
OPTISPLINT® Single-Arch Kit
Digital Arches LLC

OPTISPLINT® Single-Arch Kit

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OPTISPLINT Kits effectively eliminate the need for photogrammetry without any of its limitations.  OPTISPLINT enables fully digital immediate load workflows for All-on-4 with only an intraoral scanner. 

OPTISPLINT can be paired with a desktop scanner and CADCAM to produce passive fitting final prosthetics with a fully digital modeless workflow.  It is even possible to pour a verified cast to verify passive fit outside the mouth, prior to seating any prosthetics.  

*The OPTISPLINT SINGLE-ARCH KIT Includes 4, 5 or 6 scan bodies, frames for luting the scan bodies together into a jig, screws for each scan body and a set of 12 SNAPCAPS for digitally aligning the implant positions to the temporary prosthesis.

OPTISPLINT KITS are for single patient use only.

*1.27mm/0.050in Hex is compatible with the following systems:

  • Biohorizons (1.27mm/0.050in Hex)
  • HiOssen/Osstem (1.20mm/0.048in Hex)
  • Megagen (1.20mm/0.048in Hex)
  • Astra (1.27mm/0.050in Hex)
  • 3i (1.20mm/0.048in Hex)

*M1.6 mm Threaded Screw is compatible with the following systems:

  • MIS
  • Uris (TruAbutment)
  • Ritter

*All OPTISPLINT KITS purchased and shipped outside of the United States are for education and demonstration use only.